The SYZYGY light is the outcome of a rigorous search for a fascinating interplay of lines and shapes with just the right proportions. It is a design that has been teased out many times from its initial concept through drawings and models. The resulting outcome of this process is a stunning piece to suit every space imaginable.


The name SYZYGY originates in Greek and means ‘yoked together’. It refers to an astrological occurrence of near-perfect alignment of three or more celestial bodies. This imposing lamp, much like the happening of a syzygy, is captivating due to its purity. The three separate pieces of the light come together to create a harmonic and compelling design.


Each light is hand-shaped using sustainably sourced native Irish ash and crafted into a sculptural piece of art. The cord is elegantly and astutely encapsulated within its curve. Environmentally-sound powder-coated stainless steel shade available in a range of colours is appended to add richness and accentuates the SYZYGY form.

Product Specification
Product Specification

280 mm (w) x 560 mm (h) x 540 mm (d)

3.2 kg

Materials & Finish
Materials & Finish

Irish ash, wenge
Recycled stainless steel, powder-coated (non-toxic) in silver grey or copper brown colour (other colour options are also available upon request)

Finish: oil finish

Mark of Authenticity
Mark of Authenticity

Each piece is stamped with our brand logo positioned discretely to show it is an authentic ALAN HORGAN STUDIO original.
Care Guide
Care Guide

You can keep your SYZYGY Light looking clean by dusting it regularly with a clean cloth or feather duster. Avoid contact with liquids and remove any spillages with a clean dry cloth.
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