SURF Console Table

What makes the


light unique

Inspired by the original wooden Californian surfboard from the 1960s, Alan decided to take on the SURF Console Table project as a creative expression challenge.

With his portrayal of the original surfboard gliding over ocean waves, the SURF Console undeniably pushes creative expression boundaries. The result is a sleek execution of the initial challenge and a unique interpretation of an enthralling concept.

Carefully blending over ten species of woods with different types of finishes, this furniture piece is – true to our ethos – artistic yet functional. As such, the console table is bound to stand out in any environment.

The console’s size spans over 2.5 meters, and its sleek lines almost guarantee that the table will not go unnoticed. These same features additionally make it well-suited for spacious areas.

  • CARE
  • Designed and handcrafted in Ireland.

    Each SURF console table is stamped with our brand logo positioned discretely to show it is an authentic ALAN HORGAN STUDIO original.


  • MATERIALS: ash, sapele, maple, birdseye maple, wenge, elm, Indian rosewood and walnut hardwoods
    FINISH: 10% gloss lacquer (satin matt finish)

    DIMENSIONS: 2600 (l) x 400 (w) x 900 (h)


  • CARE GUIDE: You can keep your SURF console table looking clean by dusting it regularly with a clean cloth or feather duster. Avoid contact with liquids and remove any spillages with a clean dry cloth. Take care not to place the table near sources of excessive heat such as radiators as fluctuations in temperature may cause hardwoods to contract and expand.


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