Ponte Vecchio


What makes the

Ponte Vecchio

light unique

Inspired by some of the most extraordinary artefacts observed in the Italian architecture, particularly the famed PONTE VECCHIO bridge found in Florence’s captivating locale.

An undoubtedly attractive and strikingly bold double arc forms the basis of this console table. More importantly, it embodies its essence and soul. The arch is complemented by sustainably sourced native and exotic hardwoods comprising the console’s tabletop, further underpinning its purity and elegance.

The PONTE VECCHIO is a striking piece of furniture that greatly complements any traditional interior. Nonetheless, the table incorporates particularly well into any contemporary type of space. The console delivers a finishing touch to foyers, lobbies, reception and passageway areas. It is also suited for about any living space where an artistic touch is desired.

The console is a stunning piece on its own. Yet, it looks exceptionally well combined with our medium-size ECLIPSE light. It works well with all kind of wall finish backgrounds, yet its beauty is highlighted when the table is placed against a natural stone background.

  • CARE
  • Designed and handcrafted in Ireland.

    Each PONTE VECCHIO table is stamped with our brand logo positioned discretely to show it is an authentic ALAN HORGAN STUDIO original.


  • MATERIALS: ash and wenge wood

    Top: 10% gloss lacquer (matt finish)
    Legs: oil finish

    DIMENSIONS: 1700 mm (w) x 875 mm (h) x 415 mm (d)
    WEIGHT: 25 kg


  • CARE GUIDE: You can clean the PONTE VECCHIO console with a clean cloth or feather duster. Avoid contact with liquids and remove any spillages with a clean dry cloth. Take care not to place the table near sources of excessive heat such as radiators as fluctuations in temperature may cause hardwoods to contract and expand.


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