A skilful blend of innovative forms and function, mixed with sleek yet subtle contemporary elements and detailing is apparent in the LOCUS Occasional Table. The design inspiration originates from many influences and from the desire to push creative boundaries.


The LOCUS is a stunning piece of furniture incorporating organic curves into the design, creating a statuesque table that will elevate your space. Traditional and innovative methods of timber bending are being utilized during the fabrication process. The rich detail in the timbers almost makes it appear three-dimensional. The contrast between the dark and light wood species alludes elegance and visually stimulating beauty.


Striking and dominant, this piece is sure to enhance any space with style, beauty and art.

Product Specification
Product Specification

1120 mm (w) x 560 mm (h) x 425 mm (d)

11.5 kg

Materials & Finish
Materials & Finish

Walnut, ash, Indian rosewood, wenge

Top: 10% gloss lacquer (matt finish)
Legs: oil finish

Mark of Authenticity
Mark of Authenticity

Each LOCUS table is stamped with our brand logo positioned discretely to show it is an authentic ALAN HORGAN STUDIO original.
Care Guide
Care Guide

You can keep your LOCUS Occasional Table looking clean by dusting it regularly with a clean cloth or feather duster. Avoid contact with liquids and remove any spillages with a clean dry cloth.

Take care not to place your LOCUS table near sources of excessive heat such as near radiators as fluctuations in temperature may cause hardwoods to contract and expand.

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