An eclipse is said to be a rare occasion. Not anymore. Not with the ECLIPSE light. You can now create an illusion of an eclipse encounter anytime and anywhere you like.

The ECLIPSE is a skillfully executed fusion of form, perpetual light and naturally beautiful woods. After dark, the sculpture-like piece transforms into a display of tranquil lights, creating a celestial experience right in the centre of your preferred spot. A soft and warm glow from the LED light strip mirrors the light’s contour, evoking an illusion of a solar eclipse.

The ECLIPSE light will entirely transform your chosen space, illuminating it with a pleasant glow. Its signature curve creates a new depth and dynamic that will satisfy your visual senses and transport you to a blissful oasis. The light comes with dimmable settings that allow you to create just the perfect ambience to suit your mood and space, all very easily adjustable through remote control.

Crafted from a combination of sustainably sourced ash hardwood and wood veneers, the light incorporates a replaceable energy-efficient LED light strip with an estimated lifespan of up to 30,000 hours.

This sculpture-like piece comes in three sizes to suit any sized residential or commercial area. The largest of the three versions spans an impressive 1.2 meters and creates an unparalleled atmosphere. This size light is suitable for mid-sized to large foyers or entrance halls and other interior spaces and is bound to impress you and your audiences.

Materials & Finish
Materials & Finish

Light: choice of ash with Tineo (pictured) or plain ash

Base: choice of ash, elm (pictured) or wenge

Finish: eco-friendly oil finish (low-lustre finish)

Additional components: LED strip lights, 12v power supply cable (black)

Product Specification
Product Specification

Dimensions (unboxed):
715 mm (w) x 565 mm (h) x 160 mm (d)
Weight (unboxed): 2.9 kg

Dimensions (unboxed):
970 mm (w) x 760 mm (h) x 165 mm (d)
Weight (unboxed): 3.6 kg

Dimensions (unboxed):
1210 mm (w) x 970 mm (h) x 215 mm (d)
Weight (unboxed): 5.5 kg

Care Guide
Care Guide

You can keep your ECLIPSE Light looking clean by dusting it regularly with a clean cloth or feather duster. Avoid contact with liquids and remove any spillages with a clean dry cloth.
Mark of Authenticity
Mark of Authenticity

Each piece is stamped with our brand logo positioned discretely to show it is an authentic ALAN HORGAN STUDIO original.
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