At ALAN HORGAN STUDIO, we fully understand that individual needs or requirements can vary from project to project, from client to client. And to that end, we work with our clients to provide full-spectrum support from the initial design concept to the final production. We work with clients across multiple sectors, including but not limited to residential, commercial, corporate, hospitality and retail, and we take on both small and large projects, from the production of individual pieces to full space fit-outs.
  • Bespoke Design
    Design Consultancy

    The bespoke design process is a collaborative affair and involves firstly understanding our clients’ needs and considering their personal requirements for a particular space. Our intention is to work closely on the design and material selection process in order to create exceptional timeless pieces to complement their environment. Thanks to our deep knowledge of wood materials and various production methods, we are able to advise clients on suitable materials, finishes as well as the development of the actual design.

  • Bespoke Production
    Tailored Customization

    Based on the client’s specific needs, we are able to supply selected products in different sizes to fit their particular space. We can offer different wood finishes and supply custom accessories to complement selected products or given surroundings. We take pride in using only the finest materials and we are able to source some of the most exotic woods available upon client’s request.

  • Commissions
    Commissions & Limited Editions

    Limited editions are a particularly cost-effective way to enhance your home, office or retail interiors. These pieces are open to further interpretational changes and are available in various wood species and finishes. We work with both private and corporate clients and we accept commissions from various sectors. Our pieces are regularly acquired by clients within the wedding and corporate gift markets.

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